This was the second phase of the "Religious Dialogue" project, our main focus was to decrease the interreligious sectarian violence incidents, through an initiative aiming to create an Early Warning and Early Response teams that can deal with interreligious violent conflicts at an early stage.

Also this phase was concerned about raising awareness about the different "other" among children, which was achieved through an initiative held yearly called "Masrtopia" camp, where varieties of children from different backgrounds and religious beliefs are gathered in a camp where they learn the basics of practicing democracy and freedom of rights through workshops and activities., this life-changing experience helped different children understand the meaning of diversity and accepting others, it made them realize their ability to live together in harmony, and this had a major impact on their lives even after the camp, according to their families' testimonies. Masrtopia is the twist of the name Utopia, which is an imagined place or state of things in which everything is perfect, accordingly, Masrtopia is the dream country we strive to have in the future.

Ibrahimia Media Center was established in 2005, and since that time IMC was working to achieve its vision to reach the Middle East community to improve it for a better life.