Kids TV Program

It’s about children creation of satellite station to discuss their problems. This program consists of:

- Drama Parliament
- Wise words
- Finally, show-studio to express the content of the main episode’ idea.

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Kol Yom Eid Program (Feast every day)

It is a special program for Christmas celebration with its details and how to take advantages of this blessing time using hymns, interviews in special decoration atmosphere.

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Gheir Mozneb Program ( Not guilty )

This program pointed to the harassment’ problem in the Arab Region due to our strict traditions, it was produced in a collaboration service agency in Egypt.

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Men Agly Ana Program (For myself)

In partnership with SAT7, this program presented 3 specific episodes in memory of crucifixion and resurrection runs through some hymns with special decoration related to Easter’ Time.

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Ella el Nour Program (To the light)

It’s a spiritual program presented our daily life attitude with Bible’s spirit.

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Fekra We Tarnema Program (Concept & Hymn)

It’s a spiritual exciting various program presenting Bible study though hymns by special preaching.

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Kooky & At’at Kids Program :

This program presented to the Bible studies with an easy way between kids & puppets acting by some actors with Kooky & At’at toys. This program has presented 6 parts:

- Kooky & At’at in the studio
- Kooky & At’at in the desert
- Kooky & At’at in the sea
- Kooky & At’at in the rural
- Kooky & At’at in the city
- Kooky & At’at in the alley

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Andy kalam Program (I’ve something to say)

It’s a very remarkable program addressed to the Youth in the age between 8 years to 30 years old, it was also presented untraditionally, and due to its success, IMC has produced the 2nd part.

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Ibrahimia Media Center was established in 2005, and since that time IMC was working to achieve its vision to reach the Middle East community to improve it for a better life.