Online awareness videos

May 2020

Posted on our YouTube advocacy campaign videos to empower children against cyber bullying. As during the lockdown and school closure, children spent most of their times facing the screens and surfing the internet, they are most vulnerable to affected by dangerous effects of cyber bullying. It was a good chance that children can find materials that supports them regarding fighting bullying specially cyber one.

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Online competition

April 2020

Through our launched page on social media platform: Facebook, we launched online competition to encourage children to develop their talents in drawing during the lockdown period. The competition lasted for three consecutive months due to the big number of participant children.

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Integration workshops

August 2020

Where Egyptian and Syrian refugees children attended 8 workshops learning in interactive and participatory way about peace, accepting others, conforming a peaceful society where all children are equal and enjoying their rights.

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Positive parenting session

July 2020

now a days, due to the huge challenges that parents face in raising up their children, we offered help to 250 parent of most marginalized from Egyptian and Syrian nationality to training them on positive parenting concepts and techniques, how to deal with different disorders, and war trauma, when and how to refer to psychological support if needed.

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Project “integrating peace culture among Syrian and Egyptian children in the Egyptian society”

June 2020

Talent development activity reopened the doors again to bring back enthusiasm and interaction among children enrolled in the project. Children had the opportunity to be trained to develop their talents in Acting, Singing, and Drawing. Where professional trainers and mentors delivered the practical trainings to the children and giving them the opportunity to let then shine as they ought to.

Children performed a song recording, video clip shooting and documentary film acting that reflect the concepts of peaceful coexistence and integration between Syrian and Egyptian children.

Moreover, performed Art gallery where their drawings were hanged and shown during the closing ceremony of the project.

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how to face domestic violence workshop

September 2020

The Ibrahimia Media Center organized a "how to face domestic violence" workshop. The Alexandrian community leaders, including lawyers, clergymen, and leaders of the Alexandrian civil society participated in the workshop. The workshop presented religious backgrounds and legal backgrounds for facing domestic violence that directed to women and children.

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We Live Together campaign on social media

May 2020

Ibrahimia Media Center launched the “We Live Together” campaign on social media platforms to spread awareness among parents about ways to properly treatment for children in light of the quarantine of the Corona pandemic, a group of volunteer consultants contributed to this campaign. 

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Binkamel Sawa project

Jan - Mar 2020

Ibrahimia Media Center (IMC) implemented the "Binkamel Sawa" project, which aimed to consolidate peace culture among youth in the Alexandrian society and to give young people the opportunity to meet and work together to serve the community. The project led the youth to a social dialogue to enhance inter-relationships between Alexandrian youth from different directions and backgrounds. The project included young men and women who understood concepts of peace culture through interactive sessions; they led three community initiatives that they implemented jointly among themselves.

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The 2nd national seminar for EWR teams

August, 2020

Under the auspices of the Ibrahimia Center for Media, The EWR teams “Ahl ElHatta” organized their second national seminar to exchange experiences on how to maintain community social peace and the inability of individuals to spread peace through a group of lectures on the Internet, leaded by a group of professors and specialists. 25 people from different Egyptian governorates participated in the seminar.

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EWR Tanta team training

August, 2020

Ibrahimia Media Center carried out the training "Taaysh Ahl Hatta" in the city of Tanta, in Gharbia governrate. The training was conducted in cooperation with the Delta ministry and Al Salam Language School. The training targeted to enable the participants to work on community peacekeeping. Raising their awareness of the meaning of peace and acceptance of the other and supporting the dissemination of that culture within our Egyptian society.


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Masrtopia workshop – Samalot-Minia

Feb 2020

Development Projects Department of the Ibrahimia Media Center, in cooperation with the Al-Falak Foundation for the Handicapped, affiliated with the Catholic Church, organized “Mistopia” workshop for children in Samalut, Minya Governorate. The workshop worked to spread the culture of peace among the children belonging to that region. The children were Christians, Muslims, girls, and boys. The workshop witnessed gathering of children from various villages and cities surrounding the city of Samalout. 73 children participated in the workshop, in addition to the volunteers and the IMC staff.

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Enough project

Sep 2020 - Feb 2021

Ibrahimia Media Center led the activities of the "Enough" project which aimed to combat hate speeches. Hate speeches is one of the threats to social peace in the Arab world. The project worked on combating hate speech and resisting its effects on young people by raising awareness of the forms of hate speech and how to work to mitigate its effects. “Enough” provided many services to Egyptian youth, such as training for youth from 8 Egyptian governorates about hate speeches. The project led 4 local initiatives in the governorates of Assiut, Minya, Cairo and Aswan to combat hate speech in those local communities. In addition, the project provided awareness through social media platforms in the form of comic and expressive drawings.
The project catched attention of the Egyptian and Arab press, as it highly evaluated for its diverse and innovative interventions in the field of peacekeeping.

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Families’ trips

Sep 2019

The project provided Alexandrian families with a great opportunity for to revitalize family’s relations between different generations, by organizing family trips that include all family members. All participants agreed on its impact in strengthening the relations between parents and their children. 155 Participate in the trips during Sept; 2019.

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Advocacy training

December, 2019

Fighting Domestic Violence Project worked to raise the efficiency of its facilitators using advocacy to support women’s rights and combat domestic violence, through the implementation of specialized training for project’s facilitators, who numbered 22, on advocacy tools and how to apply them.


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“Fighting domestic violence” project

April, 2019

Ibrahimia Media Center held a workshop for lawyers that were attended by 28 lawyers from Alexandria Governorate, to discuss issues related to women’s rights in the Egyptian laws and the impact of those laws on women's situation.

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Yalla Bina Bonding trips

August 2019

Where the project implemented a number of integration trips for Egyptian and Syrian children together to visit recreational places to restore a sense of childhood, where a specialized program of integrating entertaining games for children was prepared and also with the aim of helping refugee children integrate into the host community and learn about the most important historical landmarks of the country.

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Children's Day Celebration

April 2019

Ibrahimia Media Center, in cooperation with the Environment department in Alexandria Governorate and the bedina nebni baladna Association, had organized Children's Day celebration which attended by 150 children from several nationalities. The celebration included entertainment and cultural shows, in addition to performances of the Anfoushi Culture Palace dance team.

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Positive Parental sessions

14 July 2019

"Integrating peace Culture for Syrian Children in the Egyptian Society" had done seminars for Egyptian and Syrian parents whose children joined the project's activities. The seminars discussed positive parenting principles for children and how parents play a positive role in supporting a culture of peace for their children.

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Project “integrating peace culture among Syrian and Egyptian children in the Egyptian society”

Educational support graduation party

June, 2019

Graduation party was done for 100 Syrian and Egyptian children. The children were involved in the educational support services presented by the project to them. Children showed great improvement in their educational level due to the efforts of teachers and the project staff.


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First National EWR Seminar

11-13 July, 2019

EWR team members participated in the 1st EWR national seminar which was done in Alexandria-Egypt. 23 peace activists were involved to exchange experience about how they involved in peacekeeping in their local communities. The seminar discussed the effect of the internet on social peace. The seminar released the “internet and peace” Manuel


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Masrtopia Camp 2019

30 August – 2 Sept 2019 

2019 Masrtopia camp was implemented in Alexandria. 60 children participated in the camp. The children come from Egypt, Syria, and Palestine. The children were Christian, Muslims, boys, and girls. 22 volunteers involved in the camp to lead children to discover the peace culture through the interactive activities.

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Masrtopia Ambassadors 2nd workshop

24-26, Oct; 2019     

Youth from 3 governorates participate in Masrtopia Ambassadors' 2nd workshop. The youth become able to design initiatives to serve peace in their local communities. IMC supports the implementation of youth initiatives in Assiut, Alexandria, and Minia. 


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Social Peace Project 2019

Masrtopia workshop Aswan

3-5, March, 2019

IMC project’s team had implemented a Masrtopia workshop for Aswan’s children.

Children from different tribes, religions, and locations in Aswan involved in the workshop. Children discover the mutual coexistence with other children. The workshop was fruit for cooperation between the local NGOs in Aswan and IMC.


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Masrtopia camp 2018

Ibrahimia Media Center - Development Projects department organized a camp (Masrtopia 2018),which aims to establish a culture of "accepting other" and "co-existence" for children in adolescence period The participants in camp were 72 children from four countries: Egypt, Sudan, Syria, South Sudan. ALSO, It should be noted that this year's camp was attended by children with special needs, aiming to integrate them within community, and raising awareness among children to accept the other who is different from them. MORE OVER, volunteers were 23,participated in the camp IN cooperation with steering committee of the project.

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Raising awareness about children rights through media in MENA region

This project was implemented in two phases, phase I was on 2009 – 2010 is considered to be a pilot phase for the second phase, It aimed to produce media production materials concerning children rights, these materials to be broadcasted to the national channels, as it should benefit families in general and parents in specific, also it will benefit different organizations in the society where a lot of children in the MENA region suffer from many problems as (street children, education problems, child labor, child abuse,  etc…)

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Religious Dialogue

Arabs in the Middle East region see their religion as an integral part of their daily life, they make no distinction between the sacred and the secular, religion and politics were inseparable. For the majority of these peoples, their primary identity has been religious.

And so religion comes to be seen as the cause of conflict and is often, in fact, an intensifier of conflicts whose causes are outside religion. Stereotypes and false images of the other emerged resulting to fear and misunderstanding.

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Equality in the Arab World Project

FIRST PHASE: Women in the Middle East are under huge pressure from the society, with all the traditions in our region and the extremist concepts and beliefs considering the relationship between men and women, accordingly media has the responsibility of challenging stereotypes and exposing violence and unjust acts against women by questioning certain practices and addressing women's rights related issues in a responsible and gender-sensitive manner; which is the main scope of this project that worked on the following goals:

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HIV/AIDS project

The long-term objectives of the project were to improve the situation for people living with HIV/AIDS in the Middle East and North Africa, and to see a decreasing number of new infections (lower prevalence rates, in addition to fighting the stigma and discrimination against HIV infected persons and creating the culture of empathy and acceptance.

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Civic education for children

Development projects department (Hotep) implemented this project in 2011- 2014. This project targeted children from age range 9-14 years old, with different backgrounds (religious, gender, and social)

Also the projected preparing volunteer through several training related to children and conflict-resolution, also the project target was to deal with the volunteers and parents in the aspects of democratic thinking, and positive effect in order to raise children awareness through their different backgrounds.

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Ibrahimia Media Center was established in 2005, and since that time IMC was working to achieve its vision to reach the Middle East community to improve it for a better life.