"Our Love is our driving Force"

Who we are: We are the Human Development Projects Department (Hotep) at Ibrahimia Media Center (IMC).

Hotep is a word in old Egyptian language, meaning "peace", "to rest", "become at peace" and "at ease", as in the Egyptian philosophy of living the life in Maat, which is the ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice.  

Vision: We envision a reconciled Arab society where a culture of peace prevails, and where its people are aware of their rights and strive to achieve them.  

Mission: Our mission is to promote peaceful coexistence and human rights in the Arab World through building peace capacities, creating common spaces, and sensitizing communities.

Ibrahimia Media Center was established in 2005, and since that time IMC was working to achieve its vision to reach the Middle East community to improve it for a better life.