Ibrahimia Media Center - Development Projects department organized a camp (Masrtopia 2018),which aims to establish a culture of "accepting other" and "co-existence" for children in adolescence period The participants in camp were 72 children from four countries: Egypt, Sudan, Syria, South Sudan. ALSO, It should be noted that this year's camp was attended by children with special needs, aiming to integrate them within community, and raising awareness among children to accept the other who is different from them. MORE OVER, volunteers were 23,participated in the camp IN cooperation with steering committee of the project.

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Ibrahimia Media Center was established in 2005 as a first media center in the Middle East. Since this date Ibrahimia Media Center working in achieving its vision to reach to the Middle East community and elevate it for a better life.

Ibrahimia Media Center working on implementing its mission through three mine departments.

Training department:

the center can through this department to train technical leaders provider with Christian values and Technical skills and able to produce a different media materials in high level.

Production department:

Responsible for producing different media materials (visible, audible, and readable) with Meaningful message Seeking to change society.

Projects department:

Which works to plan and implement some of the Development projects as a part of the vision of the center and its massage. This aims to support community-based on justice and peace and Fight poverty in all its kinds, especially in the aspect of knowledge

Ibrahimia Media Center has produced El-Beit series, one of the newest significant series focus on National Unity in our homeland Egypt between Muslims & Christians, and how sedition and fanaticism cause painful and division in the relation between Egyptians.

It’s a sixtieth’ period time series talking about four colleagues living together due to their faculties studies, after finishing college, some of them travelled abroad, other preferred Egypt’s Life. They have met later on in the nineteenth , and started to argue about buying the property of “El-Beit”, which was on a falling-rock zone, so their intention changed from purchasing El-Beit to reconstruction it with care and concern of all of them without discrimination.

El-Beit is located in Shoubra, one of the ancient disctrict in Cairo-Egypt, well known with its big Christian community and for sure presence of fanatism.

This series is written by : Ebrahim El-Mogy & Albert Makram directed by : Emad Fouad , acting by Lotfy Labib, Ahmed Halawa Tarek Lotfy, Hanan Motawe3, Zizi El-Badrawy, Mohamed EL- Shakankery…etc This series was presented in our Egyptian’ Satellite Channels in the beginning of 2000th.


Our Ruling Values

- The Bible God’s Name is the constitution of our life 

- Human Rights are our main target to realize in the Arab Region our love for our society is our powerful and motivation to work.

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Ibrahimia Media Center was established in 2005, and since that time IMC was working to achieve its vision to reach the Middle East community to improve it for a better life.