One of the main aims of this department is to transfer IMC’s vision from ideas to audio real visible images to be presented to all audiences, viewers through radio, TV programs and various serials to effect Love’& Peace’ messages in the Middle East and the Arab Region.

Using the best technology in the media field, production department has started its works from an idea to be translated, reviewed, revised, then the preparation of new series with its professional director, actors, scriptwriter, lighting … etc, all that under the supervision of the Production Department to be presented through satellite and TV’ programs.

Production Department has covered lots of Media Seminars organizing by IMC such as:

- Egypt’ Seminar (revolution & citizenship).

- Church’ Seminar stance Equality between man & woman supportive or discrimination.

- Marriage & Divorce Seminar confusing between intellectual thought and the social reality.

- Media Seminar about media’s role in its influence on general opinions.

- The Egyptian and his political participation.

- Woman Seminar in Islamic / Christian Religious Dialogue.

- Violence against woman Seminar – social institutions created to woman.

- Christian civil status legislation.

- Aoaloulak fen? (Where Are You?)
It’s a common project shared between Ibrahimia Evangelical church’s cast and Ibrahimia Media Center. This project composed of many short films with many different thoughts about salvation and the way into heaven.

- Al-keraza Ceremony:
In association with the Board Business Council (Senoudes el Nil) lots of ceremonies were shooting and producing in Alexandria, Meniah, and Sohag.

- Ha2olak Fekra Clip (Will Tell You An Idea)
It’s a 3D Clip for children titled as above about how to explain for them “Democracy”.

Ibrahimia Media Center has dubbed to Arabic language lots of films to give a chance to lots of viewers to watch them, some of them are as follows :

- Time Changer

- Sara’s Hope

- Colby Club House

- Virtual Memory

> Extreme Life Also 6 short films has dubbed about Book’ Characters such as:

- Abraham’s reward

- Abraham & Isaac

- Jeremiah

- Rich man

- Widow & grease

- Went up


> IMC has dubbed lots of Michael Youssef’s sermons.

> Various films have dubbed like Visual Bible:

(Mathew Bible, Books of Acts in classical Arabic, Jesus Film, Jesus film for children, Jesus film for the woman).

Ibrahimia Media Center was established in 2005, and since that time IMC was working to achieve its vision to reach the Middle East community to improve it for a better life.